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Welcome to Sophia Fellowship

Welcome to the online community of Ecclesia Pistis Sophia – the Sophian Gnostic tradition. This website is dedicated to the teachings and practices of a living tradition of Gnostic Christianity - a western path to Enlightenment.

The Sophian tradition represents a lineage of spiritual adepts and masters who have taught a secret gospel and Christian Kabbalah to their students, mouth to ear, from one generation to another. Today the initiates of the tradition have begun to openly share the teachings, believing an extension of truth and light essential in our times.

We hope you enjoy the articles presented here and we welcome all who have a sincere interest in Sophian Gnosticsm to participate in our forum and chat room discussions. Blessings and Shalom !

Latest Publication

Gnosis of Guadalupe: A Mystical Path of the Mother

At last! A Judeo-Christian Mystical Path of God the Mother. In his sixth groundbreaking book publishing the oral Sophian Gnostic Tradition, Tau Malachi transmits a complete mystical system of the Divine and Sacred Feminine woven in Our Lady of Guadalupe. For the first time ever gathered in one volume, his teachings, meditations, and ceremonies provide Christian devotees of God the Mother creative and shamanic practices with: dream work, communions in nature, healing arts, the serpent power, and sacred sexuality. All of these dynamic ways integrate the enlightenment experience of heaven with earth and body with soul: Gnosis of Guadalupe.

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