Winnipeg Canada Gathering

Gnostic Teacher

Bevan Klassen
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Winnipeg Canada Gathering

The outer church was where I discovered faith. I loved the songs and the stories of Jesus and the apostles. In my late 20s, I began to feel trapped in my religious subculture and began to explore the world using filmmaking as a vehicle. Outside the church, I found truths to integrate the fragments of my life, but my view of God remained unchanged. I was in my late 40s and I remember saying, if only there was a Christian path that looked more like the spiritual traditions of the East. Soon after, I found Tau Malachi and Sophian Gnosticism. I now know that the ancient stories from the Scriptures are living and embodied in authentic enlightenment traditions and apostles today. My heart's desire is to bring this Good News to the people in Winnipeg, Canada, where I host a Gathering. Winnipeg is located in the geographical heart of North America.