About Elder Gideon

Sophian Elder

Elder Gideon
Mother Circle Grass Valley

An unbroken chain of spiritual mentors throughout Gideon’s adolescence not only saved his life, but prepared him at age twenty-three to recognize his sacred friend and Tzaddik, Tau Malachi. Encountering the Sophian lineage has been a coming home for Gideon, who was searching for roots in the Gospel that were primordial and progressive. In the sophistication of the Sophian expression of Christ, Gideon continues to find an integral weave which speaks exhaustlessly and practically to all of life, one which occupies him entirely now as an ordained priest and lineage-holder. His apprenticing with Tau Malachi in Sophian teachings, practices, and ceremonial art is grounded in diverse acts of service. Currently, he is a Teacher Leader of the Expository Reading and Writing program of the California State University and a public school language arts educator. His training as a fine artist in Northern California and in Italy is growing an inter-disciplinary sacred arts collaborative: sophiaguild.org. It is his dream to ground visual, useful hope in outreach for people. When he’s not writing, teaching, or designing, he enjoys weight-lifting, running, practicing his Spanish, and learning classical Hebrew. He is the committed partner of a Lesser-Sulfur Crested cockatoo named Hannah.