About Elder Sarah

Sophian Elder

Elder Sarah
Mother Circle Grass Valley

Elder Sarah came to the Sophian Gnostic path upon meeting Tau Malachi many years ago. Since her encounter with Malachi she has been extensively studying and practicing the Sophian way, which has and continues to teach her a Gnostic approach to spiritual life and living. The main focus in her path is the devotion and dedication to the Divine Feminine and the drawing out of women’s empowerment. She currently serves as a Gnostic Elder and Priest working within the Sophia Fellowship in the Sierra Foothills. She is also an initiate of the Temple, a women’s circle focusing on drawing out feminine qualities of feeling and intuition along with providing a solid ground for connectedness among women. As part of her service she leads and organizes a Sophian Women’s circle which focuses on studies of the Divine and Sacred Feminine, most specifically studies on the Sophian view of the life of St. Mary Magdalene. It is the beauty of nature and her love of the good earth that drew her to spirituality and with a Shamanistic approach it is the Sophian path that speaks to her most intimately. Growing up in the Sierras she has always had a deep connection with The Mother and her creatures, most specifically her plant and tree people. This passion grew to draw Sarah to a career in the landscape and horticulture field. She currently owns and operates, Earthly Wisdom, a landscape and design company which specializes in unique and creative landscape installations. Her work as a Landscape Designer and Contractor allows for intimate work with the elements of the earth and serves to draw people closer the beauty of Spirit in Nature.