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This website is dedicated to the teachings and practices of a living tradition of Gnostic Christianity - a western path to Enlightenment.

The Gnostic Path

Tau Malachi

Tau Malachi is a modern mystic and has been a visionary from his youth, beginning his spiritual journey as a boy. When he was eight years...

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Elder Sarah

Elder Sarah came to the Sophian Gnostic path upon meeting Tau Malachi many years ago. Since her encounter with Malachi she has been...

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Elder Gideon

An unbroken chain of spiritual mentors throughout Gideon’s adolescence not only saved his life, but prepared him at age twenty-three to recognize...

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The Sophian Lineage

The Sophian tradition represents a lineage of spiritual adepts and masters who have taught a secret gospel and Christian Kabbalah to their students, mouth to ear, from one generation to another. Today the initiates of the tradition have begun to openly share the teachings, believing an extension of truth and light essential in our times.

We hope you enjoy the articles presented here and we welcome all who have a sincere interest in Sophian Gnosticsm to participate in our forum and chat room discussions. Blessings and Shalom !

About Us

In 1983 Tau Malachi founded a circle of the Sophian Gnostic Tradition, Sophia Fellowship, and evolving from this initial circle an international Gnostic Church has emerged, Ecclesia Pistis Sophia, which is a non-profit organization that forms a new branch of the Sophian lineage for the future.


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Ecclesia Pistis Sophia

Looking to get involved? Here is A listing of our current Gatherings around the globe and gnostic teachers you may contact...

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