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Mark Miller has long been a seeker of experiential wisdom. Over the past ten years he has dedicated much of his life to exploring various wisdom traditions both in the East and at home in North America. He has studied Advaita Vedanta and esoteric Yoga with various teachers throughout India, Theravada Buddhism in Thailand and Nepal, and Christian mysticism with the Sophian Gnostic tradition in the United States. Mark is currently pursuing a PhD in philosophy at the University of Edinburgh. His research focuses on the many ways that cognitive and neuroscience can help us explore the deep unity that exists between mind, body and life. In the last five years Mark has had the precious opportunity to begin sharing some of what he has learned about mental, emotional and spiritual development with others in classrooms and retreats around the world. Currently he leads regular courses on 'Mystical Philosophy' at the University of Edinburgh, and has just opened an Edinburgh based EPS Study Group.

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