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The Sophian way of imparting teachings and initiation is the Way of Wild Gnosis or Crazy Wisdom, which traditionally relies on the sacred friendship between and Elder or Tau and their spiritual companions, as well as involvement in the Sacred Circle or Spiritual Community – it is a natural and spontaneous transmission of teachings and helpful spiritual energy through a play of the Holy Shekinah in sacred discourse, prayer and mediation, and sacred ritual. It is an interactive and dynamic method that seeks to create the conditions necessary for the movement of Divine Grace through which True Initiation occurs and Divine Gnosis is acquired.

The Spiritual Teacher and Spiritual Community, however, are meant to support the spiritual life and practice of the Gnostic initiate, which is how the necessary conditions are created for the movement of Divine Grace – the Anointed and Mother Spirit. Ultimately, the aim of the Gnostic is direct spiritual and mystical experience of the Risen Christ, which occurs through Divine Grace, our spiritual life and practice representing our cooperation with Grace – the Holy Spirit. An Elder or Tau who embodies something of the Holy Shekinah (the Divine Presence and Power) can help to facilitate a movement of Divine Grace, as can exposure to the energy of a Gnostic Circle; yet it is the spiritual life and practice which forms the ground of the Gnostic and Light Transmission, and that leads to Self-realization in Christ.

It is impossible to translate the Sophia way of imparting teachings and initiations via the internet, or apart from actual involvement in the Sacred Circle, but through our website and internet community we can help to support and encourage the spiritual life and practice of our friends living at a distance, and thus help our friends create the necessary conditions for the movement of Grace through which Divine Gnosis is made manifest. It is for this reason that we have created our website and an internet community for Sophian Gnosticism, and offer an internet mentoring program.

The mentoring program is based on the study of Tau Malachi’s books, the materials presented on our website, participation in our forum discussions and email contact with an experienced and trained Gnostic teacher – an actual Sophian initiate who is an active spiritual companion in Sophia Fellowship. Through periodic exchange of emails our internet students can receive answers to questions arising from their studies, as well as further instruction and suggestions for their spiritual life and practice (including access to teachings and practice that may not appear on our website). If you are interested in our mentoring program or have questions about it, please contact us.


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